Blood & Guts Rundown | 'Mardi Gras Massacre' — A Simple Video Nasty


Release Date: Aug. 11, 1978

Director: Jack Weis

Writer: Jack Weis

Premise: A man in New Orleans goes around ritualistically killing prostitutes.


Pick My Brain

I came across Mardi Gras Massacre on a list of Video Nasties.  Out of those 72 movies, it was one of the 39 that were actually prosecuted, and one of only 10 or so movies on the list that to release with an X rating from the MPAA.  I decided those credentials warranted it a view.  Mardi Gras Massacre isn't disappointing, but there isn't much to it either.  The first two-thirds of the movie are essentially three different types of scenes repeated:

1. People talk in a restaurant.

People At Tables.jpg

2. A woman dances.


3. A woman strips, and is then murdered, in this room.

This Room.jpg

That might seem rather monotonous, but the movie has a handful of merits that at least make it watchable.  The special effects are believable and the acting and dialogue are bad in a way that you can at least get a chuckle out of it.  Another aspect I appreciated is that the prostitutes are portrayed as individuals with different personalities and motivations.  We get a tiny glimpse of these women struggling for respect and how society treats them like either trash or a joke even when they're being killed off.  None of the film's strong points are really worth raving about though.  In all, it's one of those movies that's OK, but it's not the best at anything it does.

Sometimes They Come Back... Again

Several members of the cast and crew also worked on Jack Weis's earlier horror movie, Crypt Of Dark Secrets.  Other than that though, none of them really had a huge career in horror.

It Came From The IMDb Triva Section!

  • The movie actually shot footage during Mardi Gras.
  • The movie was shot in six weeks. (Wow, I'm so surprised...)
  • The murder room scenes were shot inside a warehouse.

What The Hell Is That Supposed To Be?!!

A Fish.jpg
Cute Couple.jpg
Different Dancing.jpg
Foot Trauma.jpg