Blood & Guts Rundown | 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2' — More Texas, More Chainsaw


Release Date: Aug. 22, 1986

Director: Tobe Hooper

Writer: L.M. Kit Carson

Premise: A sheriff with a personal vendetta teams up with a radio DJ to finally take down the cannibalistic family from the original movie in a much less realistic sequel.


Pick My Brain

I've seen the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre twice, and I've always found it kind of dated.  There's no doubt that it's an amazingly well put together and important piece, but it's not the kind of splatterfest that you expect from the title.  In the decade that passed between the original and this sequel, the horror movie genre morphed into an entirely different animal.  I knew going in that the tone of this movie was much more off-the-wall, so I was surprised that while that was true, it still retains much of the spirit of the first.  The murderous family always had a somewhat loose grasp on reality, so transferring them into a world where a cop would strap himself up with three chainsaws of his own to fight them still feels fitting.

Sometimes They Come Back... Again

Tobe Hooper is legendary amongst horror directors.  His two most famous films were The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Poltergeist.  He also did films such as The Funhouse and Lifeforce, the TV movie Salem's Lot, and episodes for horror TV shows like Tales From The Crypt and Freddy's Nightmares.

Caroline Williams, who stars as Stretch, has appeared in such other horror sequels as Stepfather II, Leprechaun 3, and Rob Zombie's Halloween II.  Additionally, she considers her apperances in Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III and Hatchet III to be the same character as Stretch even though they have different names.

Jim Siedow, who plays the father of the family, was the only actor to reprise his character from the first movie.  This also happened to be his final film.

Bill Moseley, who plays the cannibal with the metal plate in his head, has appeared in over 50 horror movies such as the 1988 Blob remake, the 1990 Night Of The Living Dead remake, the 2007 Halloween remake, Army Of Darkness, House Of 1,000 Corpses, The Devil's Rejects, and Evil Bong.

It Came From The IMDb Trivia Section!

  • Tobe Hooper originally wrote the movie as a parody of the 1980 movie Motel Hell, which itself parodied the first Texas Chain Saw Massacre.  The studio decided to hire somebody else to write the movie.
  • Hooper only stepped in to direct the movie because the studio couldn't afford anyone else suitable for the job.
  • Dennis Hopper called both this movie and the live action Super Mario Bros. the worst movie he had ever made.  Apparently me and Hopper have very different taste in movies. 

What The Hell Is That Supposed To Be?!!

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 This is supposed to be a Texas/Oklahoma Chili Cook Off, yet we see 2 Texases and no Oklahomas.

This is supposed to be a Texas/Oklahoma Chili Cook Off, yet we see 2 Texases and no Oklahomas.

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