Blood & Guts Rundown | 'Critters' Is Exactly What You Want From Puppet Monsters


Release Date: Apr. 11, 1986

Director: Stephen Herek

Writers: Domonic Muir, Stephen Herek, Don Opper

Premise: A ship of extremely dangerous aliens crashes in Kansas.


Pick My Brain

Critters is a fun puppet movie along the lines of Gremlins, blending horror into a family-friendly comedy.  Really that's about all I need to say.  If you like Gremlins, you'll probably like Critters.  It's creative, funny, and the design of the critters is an effective mix of cute and creepy.  This one definitely gets a recommendation from me.

Sometimes They Come Back... Again

Dee Wallace, who played Helen, is a scream queen.  She's appeared in movies such as The Stepford Wives, The Hills Have Eyes, Cujo, the Halloween remake, and The House Of The Devil as well as TV shows such as the '80s Twilight Zone, Supernatural, and Grimm.

Lin Shaye, who played Sally, has also appeared in A Nightmare On Elm Street, Tales Of Halloween, Insidious 1-4, and Ouija and its prequel.

It Came From The IMDb Trivia Section!

  • The movie is based on a nightmare director/co-writer Stephen Herek had as a kid.
  • At one point a critter rips up an E.T. doll.  Dee Wallace played the mother in both E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial and Critters, and in both movies her son heats up a thermometer to fake being sick.
  • The movie features homages to Ghostbusters and Ghoulies, two horror comedies from the same era.
Ghostbuster Ghoulies.jpg

• Corey Burton, the voice of the critters, claimed he combined elements of French and Japanese to make the critter language.


What The Hell Is That Supposed To Be?!!