31 Days of Horror - Red, White & Blue (2010)

Erica (Amanda Fuller) likes to sleep with men. A lot. One day she gets an admirer who seems like the most perfect, charming guy she's ever met. And he totally is... except to the people who fuck with her. It's really hard, honestly, to correctly give this film a synopsis without spoiling it.

It's also hard to believe a movie with nearly an hour of nothing but seemingly repetitive exposition could reach such an explosive, horrifying climax. I can't quite compare the slow burn writer/director Simon Rumley manages to create here to Ti West's masterful House of the Devil, but "trust me, it gets good" applies equally to both features. Once things go to crazytown they never leave -- in fact, they only go deeper into the city.

This film could easily be classified as more of a thriller than horror by the pedantics of the world, but this film is pure horror to me. Once it reaches its bloody climax it is as unsettling as the best of them. It has some unnerving deaths and depictions of torture that don't quite show everything, but they're effective enough that my pimples were thoroughly goosed.

Aside from the Grade A spooks, this film has complex, interesting characters that elevate it above most other indie horror. Amanda Fuller delivers a noteworthy performance as a girl whose sex addiction is sapping her soul. In the end, it's difficult to fully condemn any of the characters for their actions (well, except maybe one of them... in a big way), and that makes the mayhem that much more scarring.

8/10 stars.