31 Days Of Horror - Night Of The Blood Beast (1958)

I watched the 1995 Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode that featured this movie.  I had expected the jokes to make a cheesy six-decade-old movie more bearable, but it ended up just making the movie harder to follow.  I started it the night of the 2nd, fell asleep during it, then tried to finish it on the 3rd after getting off work and fell asleep again.  I finally finished it that afternoon after waking up, and I hope this is the hardest time I have watching a movie this month.

Night Of The Blood Beast is just one in a long string of cheap movies put out by AIP attempting to appeal to teenagers.  It was produced by prolific film director Roger Corman and features many of his regulars.  After an astronaut is sent farther into space than anyone has ever been, his return to Earth is somehow linked to the appearance of a monster who attacks his scientist colleagues.  It's an extremely typical 1950s horror movie from its dangerous science concept to its beast, which looks like some sort of bird mascot wrapped in seaweed.  The one part of the movie that stood out to me is that one character insists they give the beast a chance to communicate its intentions.  This reminded me of how a real scientist would try to approach a strange new creature by understanding it rather than fearing it.  Overall though, it's just not that memorable of a movie.


Movie: 2/5

Scary: 1/5

Creepy: 1/5