31 Days Of Horror - Blood For Dracula (1974)

Also Known As:

  • Dracula cerca sangue di vergine e... mori di sete!!! (Dracula is searching for virgins' blood and... he's dying of thirst!!!)
  • Andy Warhol's Dracula

A Warhol-produced Dracula movie really could have turned out to be anything: a 6-hour silent film, an acid trip mash-up of Rocky Horror and cereal commercials.    Therefore I wasn't surprised to find that Blood For Dracula is a clever horror comedy that satirizes society on several levels.  I was, however, pleased that it was much more enjoyable than many of the movies it could have been instead.

Dracula (Udo Kier) is sick and has lost much of his strength.  He must drink the blood of virgins or he will parish, but it has simply become too hard for him to find any in his home country.  He thus decides to relocate to Italy in hopes that the strong influence of the Catholic church has kept more young women chaste.  He finds a family eager to get their hands on his money and begins the courtship process with their three unmarried daughters.

Unlike your typical Dracula story where the count is portrayed as one of the most magnetic and alluring characters in all of fiction, Kier's Dracula is weird, fragile and unsexy.  None of the girls find him attractive, and most of the time they are only kindly putting up with him.  Instead, the most captivating character is Mario (Joe Dallesandro), a handsome young man who works for the family, is sleeping with two of the daughters and spends most of his time talking about the inevitability of a revolt by the lower class.  The setup of the movie allows for fun to be poked at topics such as aristocracy, religion,  societal standards and philosophy.  At times it felt like Comedy Central's Another Period with blood and nudity.  It's not a particularly nightmarish movie, but if you've seen your share of classic vampire movies, it's a fun spin on the genre.


Movie: 4/5

Scary: 2/5

Creepy: 2/5