31 Days Of Horror - Demons (1985)

Also Known As:

  • Dèmoni (Demons)

Demons is not a movie of subtleties.  It's title is literal, it's visuals are gruesome, it's soundtrack is popular rock songs and it's acting is over-the-top.  The movie is goofy, splattery Italian horror in its most concentrated form.

Several people receive invitations to a special screening of an unspecified movie.  They arrive and find they are being shown a horror movie, but things get strange when events in the movie start matching up with real life occurrences.  The event then soon after explodes into a gory attack from demons who can possess the people.

The whole thing plays a lot like a zombie movie, though the use of demons opened the door to bring in more supernatural elements and use more transformative makeup.  The movie seems like it was trying to embody rock 'n' roll as much as it possibly could.  In addition to the noted soundtrack, which features acts such as Billy Idol and Mötley Crüe, there is a constant energy to the film.  Things happen quickly and loudly and aren't concerned with making sense.  It doesn't have incredible depth to it, but I love this kind of stuff, and if you do too Demons delivers what you're looking for.


Movie: 5/5

Scary: 4/5

Creepy: 4/5