31 Days Of Horror - Soulmate (2013)

Soulmate is a very unique movie.  It exists in the tricky position of being the type of movie that is best enjoyed when you don't know what to expect going in (I wouldn't even suggest watching the trailer posted below), but also one that not everyone is going to be satisfied with.  The film subverts and switches between genres in a way that I thought was very smart and intriguing, though others may find its changes in tone off-putting.

Audrey (Anna Walton) decides she needs to spend some time in the countryside to sort out her life after the death of her husband lead her to attempt suicide.  She begins hearing strange noises coming from behind a locked door, and her landlords aren't forthcoming with an adequate explanation.

Much like The Cabin In The Woods, Soulmate starts off by setting up a familiar scene just so that it can be turned around to explore themes of human nature.  Soulmate is a much more subdued and personal movie though.  It isn't quite as concerned with deconstructing the horror genre as it is with telling a story about the ways human beings connect to each other and the line where our relationships go from healthy to toxic.  I can't guarantee you'll love it, but if it sounds interesting, I recommend you check it out.


Movie: 5/5

Scary: 3/5

Creepy: 2/5