31 Days Of Horror - The Eye (2002)

Also Known As:

  • 見鬼 (Seeing Ghosts/Saw Ghost*)

I was aware of the 2008 American version of this movie starring Jessica Alba, but never saw it because I didn't particularly enjoy the A-Horror remake obsession my country went through in the 2000s.  When you're watching movies daily though you have a chance to give genres you don't really like a second chance and to just generally explore what types of movies have touched people.

The Eye is the story of Mun (Angelica Lee), a woman who has spent most of her life blind, but who regains her sight after receiving a cornea transplant.  While she stays in the hospital recovering and adjusting to being able to see for the first time in decades, she notices people covered in shadows walking with the other patients before they die.  She realizes she's able to see ghosts, and begins searching for the history of the person she got a transplant from.

I think the reason this movie was so successful is probably because Mun is an easy character to relate to and feel for.  I cared what happened to her and the characters she formed relationships with.  The movie takes the time to flesh her out and show both her struggle and grace when confronting her circumstances.  Beyond that though, I found the movie kind of disappointing.  The ghosts are good for some jump scares, but after a while it becomes clear that they're not malevolent forces.  None of the ghosts try to harm the living, so the only sense of uneasiness in the movie comes from it showing how people can die in any number of mundane, natural ways.  I enjoyed in The Eye, but it's not the kind of movie I imagine I'm going to still be thinking about a long time from now.


Movie: 3/5

Scary: 3/5

Creepy: 3/5

*Title Note: 見鬼 (pronounced Jiàn Guǐ in Mandarin and Gin Gwai in Cantonese) is an exclamation sometimes used by Chinese people when something bad happens, similar to how an English speaker might use "Damn!" or "What the hell!"