31 Days of Horror - From Inside (2008)

In this post-apocalyptic animated horror film, Cee (Corryn Cummins) has trouble accepting her pregnancy in a world of blood lakes, vaporized cities, and very little water and food. As the train makes its way across the desolate wasteland she must prepare herself for her baby or succumb to the fate of the rest of the world.

It's been a long time since I've seen a proper animated horror film. This film feels a bit more like a motion comic than a full-fledged animated film, but that's okay. The pictures are haunting and honestly, I think that that makes it a scarier affair. It almost feels like you're at an art gallery featuring paintings by an artist who aims to make you feel nothing but hopelessness.

This film feels a lot like two recent apocalyptic features -- The Road and Snowpiercer. The only reason it feels like the latter is the train, but it certainly captures the same desolation and "why even bother?" mood of the former. The narration, depressing score, and motionless art make the horror this film has to offer extra effective.

It was entertaining, relatively beautiful (the CGI bits were so bad though I was like "why not just hand draw that shit too?"), and it has some effective gore despite being just a cartoon. New life in a world where life is nearly eradicated should make you feel hopeful, but this film has no qualms taking you further and further down into the basement of melancholy.

7/10 stars.