31 Days of Horror - APT (2006)

Se-Jin (Ko So-young) is a lonely career woman who spends her evenings staring at the apartment building across from hers. One night at 9:56 PM she notices that all the lights flicker and shortly after this strange phenomenon, a man commits suicide. And when 9:56 PM rolls around the next night and the next, the bodies begin to pile up. Se-Jin has to solve the mystery before all the tenants of Fortune Apartments succumb to the strange curse.

Well, well, well, another Korean ghost story with some weird body twitching and guttural noises. The early 2000s were the hey day for films like this. They brought a new, terrifying take on the ghost to the table --  a movie monster that needed a refresh. While this film is no The Grudge or Ringu... it, uh, certainly tries to be.

This film wasn't really much to write home about. The mystery is sort of fun though. The shocks and twists are definitely the highlight, and it does feel like a solid ghost story or fairy tale when all is said and done. The main issue with the film is that the spooks have varying levels of effectiveness. It could be that there are just too many bland death scenes, or that the climax reveal of who is behind the mystery tries so hard to be visually interesting that it takes it way too over the top.

More than anything (and admittedly unrelated to the films quality), this film felt very 2006 with the mp3 players and 5 CD changer stereos and flip phones and fashion, so the nostalgia was enjoyable. Part of me wanted to jump into the film's world and say "hey, did Korea also have a huge emo phase around this time too?" Anyway, nostalgia aside, this film just was pretty mediocre.

5.5/10 stars.