31 Days Of Horror - Ganja & Hess (1973)

Also Known As:

  • Black Evil
  • Black Out: The Moment Of Terror
  • Blood Couple
  • Double Possession
  • Vampires Of Harlem
  • Black Vampire

When playwright Bill Gunn was hired to make a "black vampire" movie, he took the opportunity to turn in an eerie and sensual glimpse into the struggles faced by black culture.  Hess, an archaeologist, is turned into a vampire and becomes enamored with his colleague's widow, Ganja.

Ganja & Hess is an art house flick in every possible way: grainy sound and video, title cards between acts, prolonged sex scenes and an ambient hum that persists throughout the soundtrack.  The constant wall of stimuli often makes it difficult to focus in on the plot, but it gives the movie an unforgettable mood.

I feel like Ganja & Hess is the type of movie where your enjoyment of it doesn't affect its quality.  And I'm not saying it's that hard of a movie to get through.  It's slow at points, but ultimately very interesting.  I'm just saying it's the type of movie that's more interested in making you think and feel than it is in getting a positive response from its audience. 


Movie: 4/5

Scary: 1/5

Creepy: 3/5