31 Days of Horror - Baghead (2008)

In this low budget sort-of-found-footage horror film, four struggling actor friends get inspired to write a movie vehicle that will help them move past always being extras. So, they set out for a weekend writing session in a cabin in the woods, and when Michelle (a fresh Greta Gerwig) has a dream that a man with a paper bag over his head is chasing her through the woods the actors believe they finally have their movie plot. But when a Baghead soon begins stalking them their film gets closer to having "inspired by true events" tagged onto the movie poster.


Aptly directed by the Duplass brothers, this film is a fresh blend of indie romantic comedy and straight up old-fashioned horror. While some might find its twist ending underwhelming, I enjoyed the film for what it was. The Duplasses know how to craft interesting characters and relationships, and these two things rarely show up in horror. Plus, it uses its low budget somewhat to its advantage in the spooks department.

Yes, it did leave something to be desired when all was said and done horror-wise, but it was a nice little film with great characters and a fun climax that feels like more of an earned twist than the one in Sleepaway Camp. This film can at times feel a bit like a home movie, and its genre dysphoria makes me unsure whether to call it a horror film at all though. But it's fun!

6.5/10 Stars

SIDENOTE: avoid watching films on Crackle. It still just places its commercial breaks wherever (they often interrupt a tense scene out of nowhere) and they still repeat the same commercials over and over and over like 7 times. I feel like I'm a part of that family IHOP reunited over a crepes breakfast.