31 Days Of Horror - Angel Heart (1987)

In Angel Heart, Mickey Rourke plays a private detective named Harry Angel who doesn't even have the most wink-at-the-audience name in the movie.  Angel is hired by Robert De Niro's character, Louis Cyphre, to track down a crooner who went missing after World War II.

For the most part, the movie plays as a traditional detective story with Angel talking to a wide assortment of characters trying to narrow down what happened to this singer.  A sense of horror is just beneath the surface of the whole movie though, and every now and then will bubble to the top in a shocking moment.  While it's not always clear where the film is going, there's always a great atmosphere of despair that matches the characters' struggles.

I give this movie high praise for its style and the emotion it can evoke, but the plot often dragged, and the ending came off as a little bit cheesy.  I can't help but feel like Angel Heart is just a few small tweaks away from having been a much more memorable film.


Movie: 4/5

Scary: 2/5

Creepy: 3/5