31 Days Of Horror - I Walked With A Zombie (1943)

I Walked With A Zombie was definitely more tasteful than what I expected from a World-War-II-era movie about voodoo.  The movie concerns a nurse who moves to the West Indies to take care of a plantation manager's sick wife. While the film unfolds the drama within the plantation manager's family,  a darker mystery is hinted at by the descendants of slaves who populate the island.

The voodoo in the film is definitely treated with a sense of exoticism, though the film doesn't slip into delivering the message that the Christian family and nurse are good and that voodoo is evil.  A piece of dialogue early on describes how even though the West Indies are beautiful, they are filled with a history of pain.  The film is much more interested in extending this theme to the family than making them surrogates for the audience to experience something strange through.

While it isn't exactly a timeless movie, I Walked With A Zombie is moody, haunting and beautifully shot.  It had far more thought put into it than the numerous Universal monster sequels that were its horror contemporaries.


Movie: 3/5

Scary: 2/5

Creepy: 3/5